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Rapidly publish your charity-funded research

Maximising the impact of research

The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), together with its participating member charities, has created AMRC Open Research, an open access publishing platform especially for the researchers they fund. This publishing platform offers rapid author-led publication and transparent peer review, operates an open data policy, publishes a wide range of article types and supports the publication of other research outputs, such as posters, slides and documents.

The article processing charges (APCs) are being waived for a limited time for all researchers funded by any AMRC member charity that is participating in AMRC Open Research - submit now to publish your research for free!

For many of the participating charities, their supporters and beneficiaries, the real-world impacts of research cannot come soon enough. The waiting periods associated with the standard publishing process are simply too long, adding unnecessary delays and slowing research progress. Philip Dooner, Associate Publisher at F1000 Research and Dr. Jocelyn LeBlanc, Research, Data and Impact Manger at AMRC, say:

“AMRC Open Research allows researchers to publish their research in a matter of days. Without lengthy publication delays, research is rapidly made available to the global research community to spark new ideas and understanding and to make sure new interventions and treatments can reach those that need them as soon as possible.”

Increasing the visibility and availability of knowledge from AMRC-funded research

Charity-funded research has the potential to have a huge impact on the lives of the public and patients, so it is helpful that the findings are freely and rapidly available. Here are the key benefits of publishing on this platform:

Rapid publication - articles can be published within as few as 14 days and other research outputs can be published within days. Quick publication allows new findings to be shared within days of submission, accelerating discovery and innovation.

Inclusive - editorial decisions are made based on the topic or perceived impact of the work, meaning that negative and null results are encouraged.

Supporting many article types and other research outputs - to accommodate the nature of the work and research carried out by AMRC and its participating charity grantees, AMRC Open Research publishes a wide range of article types including protocols, methods, data notes, alongside the more traditional article types, as well as posters, slides and documents, all of which help authors share their findings more easily and reduce research waste.

Transparent peer review - open, invited peer review by experts follows publication. All comments, responses and revisions are published alongside the article so that they are fully visible, building trust and confidence in the quality of the published work.

Reproducible - All supporting non-sensitive data is published alongside the articles enabling reanalysis, replication and reuse, which improves research reproducibility.

Open - everyone can access all published content on the platform, including patients and the public.

Cost-effectivevery low article costs compared with other hybrid and open access journals (£920 or less). APCs are being waived for the platform for a limited time, so publication is currently cost-free.

Quality - articles are checked by our in-house editorial team (provided by F1000Research) who ensure that each submitted article is (co-)authored by a recipient of a grant from one of the participating charities and is appropriate in terms of scope and format and that the writing is comprehensible. We also check that article submissions are complete, not plagiarized, and that they meet ethical standards. 

You can publish your article for free

APCs are waived for a limited time for all researchers funded by a participating AMRC member charity.
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Charity collaboration in action

By working together, the participating charities have created a shared platform that they could not have developed alone. By collaborating, the charities have not only minimised the resources needed by each charity, but they have also maximised the number of researchers that will benefit from the chance to publish their work in this new way.

The AMRC member charities participating in AMRC Open Research are:

“There are three reasons why AMRC Open Research is ideal for our paper. First, the open publication model means all results and data are made available, regardless of their perceived impact, and potential readers can access these resources without impediment. Second, the rapid publication of our statistical analysis plan allows us to proceed to analysis without delay. Third, the open peer review helps ensure that our method development is fully transparent.”

Grant Mair, Centre for Clinical Brain Science, University of Edinburgh

An excellent repository for charity-funded research

Read these Q&As to hear authors and charity representatives sharing their thoughts on the impact that AMRC Open Research has had on the research community and society, as well as the benefits of its open access and open peer review model.
Members' and Users’ Perspectives