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Just published your Research Article? Why stop there?

Visibility and openness of research is essential for academic development and discovery. As well as the traditional Research Article, F1000Research offers a range of alternative publishing formats, including Brief Reports, allowing you to gain credit for each step of your research journey. 

Brief Reports are a highly flexible article type, suitable for many different kinds of research output, including:

  • Small, preliminary studies

  • Null or unexpected findings

  • Posters from conferences or internal meetings

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That’s why we offer a wide range of non-traditional article types, allowing you to tell the full story of your research.

When can I publish a Brief Report?

The versatility of a Brief Report goes beyond what you can publish to when you can publish. There are several stages within the research journey when a Brief Report could be published, including:


In the early stages of your research journey, you may conduct preliminary studies or gather smaller findings that, traditionally, would be hidden away within supplementary materials. A Brief Report allows you to report on these valuable research outputs, awarding you with a citable publication and enabling others to easily reuse your findings.

Data Collection

Publishing a Brief Report during the collection stage of your project allows you to analyse a subset of the data and validate it.


If you have already published a Research Article using your data, following it up with a Brief Report is a great way to increase the visibility of your findings and data that fell outside the scope of the Research Article.

The Benefits 

Publishing a Brief Report with an F1000Research offers several benefits for you and the wider research community. 

For you

  • Attaches a unique, persistent identifier to your findings, enabling them to be more easily discovered and cited in their own right

  • F1000’s rapid publication model allows for immediate impact

  • Minimise research waste with credit for null or unexpected findings

  • Can lead to new collaborations

          For the community

          • Can lead to new, unexpected discoveries

          • Provides research material for those with little or no funding

          • Promotes innovation and potential new data uses

          • Encourages improvement and validation of research methods

          • Reduces duplication efforts

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