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Cobot is a new publishing  platform featuring innovative technologies for technicians, researchers and experts, who are engaged in the interdisciplinary research field of collaborative robots. The scope of Cobot includes, but is not limited to, scientific and technical research topics in intelligent robots, artificial intelligence, human-machine collaboration, human-machine integration, machine vision, intelligent sensing, smart materials, and more. This also includes the design, development and testing of collaborative robots and relevant software, as well as case studies focused on their wide-ranging use and applications.  

As well as research articles and case studies, Cobot will feature a variety of article types including method articles, study protocols, software tools, systematic reviews, data notes, brief reports, and opinion articles. 

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An introduction to the Advisory Board Members

The Cobot Advisory Board are a group of subject experts who are ambassadors of the platform to the global academic community. They provide constructive input and guidance on publishing policies, aims and strategic direction of the platform.


Honorary Advisor 

Guangnan Ni   

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering 

Professor at Institute of Computer Science, Chinese Academy of Science  




Chief Advisor 

Hongxing Wei   

Professor at Beihang University     

President of AUBO (Beijing) Intelligent Science and Technology Co., Ltd.       

COBOT 2021 conference

The COBOT 2021 academic conference is to be held in Beijing, Autumn 2021, from which high-quality papers will be selected for publication in Cobot. 

ISSN 2752-5813