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Genetics and genomics research plays an important role in understanding diseases, and provides insights into the biology of organisms. Ensuring research and data in this area are open access, rapidly available, and reproducible is crucial in advancing medicine and preventing diseases.

F1000Research is the ideal publishing platform for all your genetics & genomics biology outputs – from traditional Research Articles to Software Tools, Data Notes, and Method Articles, which help to tell the full story of your research and place findings at the forefront of scientific innovation. We welcome articles covering all areas of genomics and genetics, including:

    • Epidemiological genetics

    • Evolutionary genetics

    • Genetics of disease

    • Precision medicine & medical genomics

    • Ecological and environmental genetics

    • Plant genomics

    • Genome sequencing

    • Technology and methods

    As a pioneer in open science, F1000Research provides a high-quality venue for scholars, researchers, and academics to disseminate research outputs quickly and openly whilst also benefitting from a post-publication peer review process. Once your article is published, the research is then immediately available to read, share, cite and start making an impact.

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    This dedicated Gateway brings together an expert board of academic advisors and enables you to submit and contribute alongside other scholars to highlight open research across genomics, genetics and inheritance.

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