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F1000Research, an F1000 publishing Platform, is committed to helping researchers in South Africa make a global impact with their research.

Indexed in Scopus and PubMed, F1000Research is considered an accredited journal by the South Africa DHET.

Our publishing model lets researchers take the lead on what, when, and how to publish research findings. Publish openly with us so you:

    • Don’t have to wait for your research to start making an impact with rapid publication

    • Make your findings openly available worldwide to researchers, policymakers, and the public

    • Increase the visibility of your work and its potential to make a real difference

      Why publish openly with F1000Research?

      Choosing where to publish is an important decision for every author. When you choose our publishing Platform over a traditional journal you:

        • Get recognition and citations for all your research outputs

          • Demonstrate research quality and integrity by sharing data openly

          • Join your peers from some of South Africa’s leading research institutions

            • Increase discoverability enabling interdisciplinary collaboration on a global scale

            • Increase public engagement by widening access

            • Maximize impact through the open access citation advantage

                  Maximize your research impact with rapid publication

                  Our speed of publication is among the top reasons our authors choose to publish with us.

                  In fact, our current turnaround time from submission to publication allows us to publish 3 times faster than the average scholar publisher, based on a recent study on Scholarly Kitchen.

                  With F1000Research, your work becomes easily and immediately accessible to others and can inform responses to societal challenges in real time.

                  Avoid publication delays with our open peer review process

                  Unlike most traditional publishers, peer review on F1000Research takes place after an article has been published openly on the Platform, so your research can start being read and used while expert reviewers assess it. 

                  A reviewer status next to each article makes it clear to readers whether a paper has been peer reviewed.

                        Accelerate the pace of discovery with open data

                        As part of our open data policy, we ask our authors to share all data underlying their research findings in an open format, together with details of any software used to process the results.

                        It is essential that others can see the source data in order to be able to replicate the study and analyze the data, as well as in some circumstances, reuse it. But, what’s in it for you?

                        Icon of document with a tick representing credibilityBoost the credibility of your research
                        Open data enables replication and validation of your research, which in turn boosts its credibility and robustness. By sharing your data openly, your entire research project becomes more transparent.

                        Enhance the visibility of your research
                        Increase the discoverability of your research by reciprocally linking your article and its related datasets. Plus, describing your data with rich, meaningful, machine-readable metadata makes it easy for humans and computers to find use.

                        Progress in your career
                        Researchers can benefit from increased credit and recognition for their outputs by sharing their research data, which in turn may lead to increased opportunities for collaboration – even across disciplines. Plus, one 2019 study suggests that open data can generate up to 25% more citations!

                        Develop a better understanding of your field
                        Open data supports learning and enables a deeper, richer understanding of the research topic – this is particularly useful in teaching, as students are able to interrogate raw research data for themselves.

                        How our publishing Platform differs from traditional journals

                                Authors can publish all their research outputs, not only Research Articles or Reviews.
                                This creates greater opportunities to publish citable research in the form of Data Notes, Software Tool Articles, Case Studies, and more.

                                We welcome submissions from all disciplines, from the life sciences to the humanities and the social sciences.
                                F1000Research is multidisciplinary and has subject-specific areas on the Platform, known as Gateways, to thematically group research.

                                We accept articles based on research quality, not research novelty.
                                All articles that meet our quality and ethical standards are published. We encourage the publication of confirmatory or null results.

                                Open peer review takes place after publication.
                                Articles that pass our pre-publication checks are immediately published and citable. Invited peer reviewers then conduct peer review and post their reports alongside the published article.

                                      Diversify your research output with F1000Research

                                      At F1000Research, we let authors decide what form they wish to publish their research in. That’s why we offer many article types that go beyond the traditional Research Article so that you can tell the full story and maximize the potential of your research.

                                        Start your publishing journey.