Open Data Toolkit

Links and resources for researchers on all aspects of open data

Our Open Data Policy

Submitting to F1000Research? Read our Open Data Policy in full before making your submission.
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Our Data Guidelines

Read our guidance on preparing your data and software for submission to F1000Research.
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Open Data Essentials: Webinar Slides

Download the deck of slides we ran through in the Open Data Essentials webinar, which took place on May 26, 2021.
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Downloads and Guides

A selection of downloadable open data resources from F1000Research, and the wider research data community.

Data Collection

Practical, bitesized guidance on managing data throughout the research process.
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Read our do’s and don’ts to ensure your spreadsheet data follows best practice.
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How to write a Data Availability Statement

Guidance on crafting the perfect DAS for your submission to F1000Research.
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FAIR Data Guide

A quick guide from F1000Research introducing the FAIR Data Guidelines.
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Sharing Sensitive Data

Discover how to share sensitive data in an ethical, legal way.
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Managing and Sharing Data

A guide from the UK Data Archive on data management.
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Three simple questions to help determine the best repository for your data.
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A quick guide from F1000Research on how to find a license for your research project.
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How to License Research Data

A guide from the Digital Curation Centre on licensing for research data.
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Useful links

We've curated a library of links covering all aspects of open data - from the FAIR Data Guiding Principles, to community groups like ReproducibiliTea.

Choose a License

A simple tool for selecting the appropriate open source license for your work.
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FAIR Guiding Principles

Read the article in 'Scientific Data' introducing the FAIR Data Guidelines.
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Good Tables

Part of the Frictionless Data Project, Good Tables validates your data on every change.
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Open Refine

Previously Google Refine, this is a powerful tool for working with messy data.
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Repository Finder

A DataCite tool for discovering repositories registered in re3data.
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The Turing Way

A community-driven guide to collaborative, inclusive, ethical data science.
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UK Reproducibility Network

A national consortium aiming to ensure the UK remains a global leader for research.
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Data Carpentry

Introductory computational skills for data management and analysis.
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Learn more about the FAIR data standards, policies, and databases.
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Frictionless Data

A progressive, open source toolkit that brings simplicity to the data experience.
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Open Data Institute

Advocating for the innovative use of open data to enable positive change.
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Project REDCap

A web-app for building and managing online surveys and datasets for research.
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A grassroots journal club initiative, helping researchers create Open Science clubs.
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Data Notes

Maximize the potential of your data by describing the dataset in a Data Note.
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A stakeholder-driven, self-governed initiative supporting the FAIR Data Principles.
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Open Source Initiative

A global non-profit, the OSI raises awareness and adoption of open source software.
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A registry of research data repositories, from DataCite.
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Taylor & Francis Data Sharing Policies

Information on the basics of data sharing, including how to cite data.
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UK Data Service

The UK's largest collection of social, economic and population data resources.
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