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Publishing with Open Research Europe

What is Open Research Europe?

Open Research Europe is the European Commission’s publishing service, providing all Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries and their researchers with the option of an easy, high quality peer-reviewed venue to publish their papers open access, at no cost to them, and in full compliance with the European Commission’s open access policies.

Through building Open Research Europe, the Commission aims to: 

  • Provide a high-quality service that meets general and discipline-specific standards of scientific publishing. 
  • Reinforce its position as a funder that leads by example in operationalizing open science. 
  • Encourage technology-enabled innovation in scholarly communication. 
  • Support the integrity and transparency of the research process and reproducibility of research. 
  • Contribute towards transparency and cost effectiveness in scientific publishing, as well as towards the exploration of sustainable open access business models. 

Browse through the first published articles to see how the research community has embraced this new publishing venue.


If you have any questions about Open Research Europe, please visit the FAQ page.

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Ready to submit your research?

Take a look at the Open Research Europe Article Guidelines.

Introducing the Open Research Europe Blog

To celebrate the launch of Open Research Europe, Kostas Glinos, Head of Unit ‘Open Science’, European Commission, tells us why open science is a policy priority for the European Commission, its motivations behind establishing Open Research Europe and what the benefits are to researchers, journalists and citizens alike.

Read more on the new blog page 

Preparing your submission

We've broken our comprehensive Data Guidelines down into two easy infographics:

  • How to prepare your data
  • How to prepare your article for submission


View the latest articles on Open Research Europe

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How to prepare your data


How to prepare your article for submission


How to submit your research

The submission process for Open Research Europe is simple, quick and straightforward. Watch this video to see how easy it is to submit your research!

The pre-publication checks

Article submissions to Open Research Europe undergo stringent checks by the in-house editorial team before being published. There is no Editor (or Editor-in-Chief) to decide on whether to accept or reject the article, or to oversee the peer-review process.

The pre-publication checks

A check for plagiarism is undertaken because the platform publishes original research that has not been published before and is not being considered for peer review elsewhere:- Open Research Europe is not a repository.

Currently, Open Research Europe publishes articles in the English language only. The editorial team will check that the article is intelligible and written in good English so that it is suitable for peer review.

The editorial team will ensure that the research data underlying the publication is available and can be fully assessed by invited peer reviewers and readers. More information available here.

Where required, the editorial team will check to see that ethical approval has been obtained. This is typically required for all studies involving human participants, but not only. Guidance on how to complete an ethics self-assessment on ORE can be found here.

Submissions are checked to make sure they adhere to the specific article guidelines.

The research method is assessed to confirm that sufficient details of the materials and methods used are provided so that the work can be reproduced by other researchers.

The eligibility of the author(s) is checked to ensure that details have been submitted in full. At least one author must be involved in a running or completed Horizon 2020 project from the European Commission. The submitted article must be a result of that project.


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