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Software Tools

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Every field of study relies on software to make discoveries, which is why Open Research Europe publishes more than just
traditional research articles.
A fully open access publishing platform, Open Research Europe provides researchers and software engineers who develop
algorithms, code, and software, with a publication outlet to highlight their work and provide a more open landscape for the wider research community.
This is where publishing your software tool article comes in.

Publishing a Software Tool article allows you to describe new software you have created to support or conduct research in any field. In doing so you support transparency and reproducibility in research. These articles explore:

  • Why you developed the software
  • Details of the code, method, and analysis used
  • Examples of data input sets
  • Examples of outputs, and how to interpret these
  • Tips on how to maximize the tool’s potential

Open Research Europe also welcomes articles describing tools created from existing software, web tools, apps, containers, packages, and workflows.

Keep reading to find out more about Software Tool articles. For more information on Open Research Europe, visit the Open Research Europe blog.

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Instructions for authors

Ready to submit your Software Tool article? Take a look at our article guidelines to ensure you've prepared your article correctly.
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About Open Research Europe

Open Research Europe is an open access publishing platform, offering rapid publication of articles and other research outputs without editorial bias. All
articles benefit from transparent post-publication peer review, and editorial guidance on making source data openly available.

Open Research Europe advocates transparency and reproducibility in
research, and our innovative publishing model supports this at every stage. Articles can be published in as few as 14 days, with post-publication peer review creating an open dialogue between authors and the research community.

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How it Works

What are the benefits of publishing your Software Tool article on Open Research Europe?

Credit and recognition

Publishing your Software Tool as a separate citable item allows you to receive additional credit and recognition.

Interactive figures
Bring your data to life with interactive figures powered by or via an iFrame. Let readers of your research explore the data in detail for themselves, with features such as different visualizations, zoom in, and filtered results.

LaTex authors

Open Research Europe encourages LaTex authors to submit their research through an Overlead template.

Code Ocean

Integrate a Code Ocean capsule into your article to make it quick and easy for other researchers to re-run your analysis, and even alter the code to identify different results by changing parameters. No need to install new software – Code Ocean capsules are embedded directly into your article.

Code syntax highlighting

Your code will be fully readable in the body of your article with full support of code syntax highlighting.


Your research and software will be discoverable through indexing in Google Scholar and Zenodo.


Easily publish the latest version of your software tool article whenever you have a new development in your findings. Each version is citable and linked to your original article, making it easier for readers to find and cite the version they want.

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A variety of article types on ORE

Discover the full range of ORE outputs with this helpful guide to aid your research journey.
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Software Tools | Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about publishing your software tool article on Open Research Europe? We've got you covered.

Have a question about Software Tools? Find answers to frequently asked questions below!

What is a Software Tool article?

A Software Tool is an article type used to describe novel algorithms, codes, containers, dockers, web-apps or workflows and highlights the rationale behind the software; examining why it was built, input data sets, and examples of outputs from the tools.

What if I didn’t create the original software?

No problem. Open Research Europe encourages authors to submit articles which are built from existing software, web tools, apps, containers, packages, and workflows.

How do I write a Software Tool article?

Find more guidance on what to include in your article by reading our Instructions for Authors.

How much does it cost to publish a Software Tool Article on Open Research Europe?

Open Research Europe publishes research stemming from Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe grants. All fees are paid centrally by the European Commission. Authors do not need to find the funds to cover the costs themselves during or after the end of their grants. See our publication fees for more information.

Why are Software Tools a separate article type from traditional research articles?

This article type supports Software Tools to increase the discoverability of the software itself. However, at Open Research Europe we publish a range of article types, allowing experts and researchers to gain the credit they deserve for their various research outputs.

Do I need to make the source code open if I’m publishing on Open Research Europe?

Open Research Europe requires a software availability section to be fully completed. GitHub link will be accepted but we also require you to provide the
permanent archived version, stored in a trusted repository such as Zenodo. Find out more about how software features in our Open Data Policy in our brand new resource hub, Understanding Open Data.

Do you publish tools that use proprietary software?

Your software that is part of an article must be open access or an open access alternative is required. All code use or created must be usable with an
open-source program language or an open alternative. If the article does not meet this criterion, it may be rejected at the discretion of the Open Research Europe editorial team.

Do you accept tex files?

Unfortunately, Open Research Europe does not support tex files, however you can submit through our Overleaf template.

Do you support Jupyter notebooks?

We do not support Jupyter notebooks, however they can be hosted through iFrame.

Do you have more questions? Please feel free to reach out to our dedicated Open Research Europe team.

Email us at [email protected] and our team will be ready to help you. In the meantime, you can also visit our FAQ page.

Read our guide to making your data FAIR

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Broaden your readership by publishing your Software Tool article in one of our Gateways or Collection on Open Research Europe. These publishing portals offer thematic and unique outputs for a range of research communities.

Discover more through the Gateways & Collections we offer or find out what’s new!

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