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Political science is an area of social science that covers societal beliefs, behaviours, politics, law, decision making and governance. Political science research helps to provide theory and insight into the ways in which people respond to leadership, laws and political systems as well as providing essential foundations for decision making.  

A rapid and open publishing model such as F1000Research enables political science research to be disseminated and discovered in real-time enabling it to start making an impact quicker. Our unique model offers a post-publication open peer review process that encourages a collaborative and constructive approach to research.

Research comes in many forms and it is important that researchers can gain credit and represent their findings properly. F1000Research offers a wide range of article types to cater for all your research data, including Research Articles, Review Articles, Case Studies, Policy Briefs and many more.

You can publish across a multitude of disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Comparative politics
  • International relations
  • Political theory
  • Social policy
  • Public policy and administration
  • Domestic politics and government
  • Political economy
  • Political methodology
  • Political communications
  • Human migration research
  • Security studies

We would like to support you throughout the process and help you to join experts in your field by publishing cutting-edge research that makes a difference. Get in touch or take a look at our comprehensive website which has a detailed 'How to Publish' and 'About' section. If you still have questions or you would like to propose a themed collection, please email Gearoid.OFaolean@f1000.com

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Article Guidelines

Ready to publish your ground-breaking political science research? Read our author guidelines before submission to ensure you have prepared your article correctly.

Why Publish with F1000Research?

  • Immediate open access publication of research in as little as 14 days.
  • Transparent, post-publication peer review by invited experts so authors can liaise directly with them.
  • Gives authors greater control and boosts the credibility of their research. 
  • A range of article types including Research and Review Articles, Case Studies, Data Notes, Software Tools and more.
  • Inclusion of all source materials and data to help further the open research movement.
  • All articles published with F1000Research  fully adhere to the FAIR Data Principles, promoting the broadest reuse of research data.
  • Plus, one 2019 study suggests that open data can generate up to 25% more citations

COVID-19 measures and human rights guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution

This article poses the following research question: “Does the Japanese Constitution allow measures against COVID-19 such as requests, instructions and orders for business suspension and shortened business hours, and stay-at-home requests?” It also asks: “Are measures with penalties allowed by the Constitution?” given the fact that the penalties were introduced in February 2021.

From frustration to enlightenment: experiences of student exchange program awardees in Taiwan

This study investigates two Indonesian students who participated for a semester at a Taiwanese university. It aims to explore the Indonesian student exchange program awardees’ experiences by examining both the obstacles and benefits of attending the Taiwanese university.

Relations between the EU, Turkey, and Japan: dissonances in the strategic triangle

This paper considers how the three sets of bilateral relations, between the European Union (EU) and Japan, the EU and Turkey, and Turkey and Japan, have developed (or been underdeveloped) and how the three have failed to form a strategic triangle that could potentially be beneficial for dealing with regional and international problems more efficiently.

Afrocentrism, national interest and citizen welfare in Nigeria’s foreign policy maneuvers

This study evaluates the impact of Nigeria’s Afrocentric foreign policy thrust on the welfare of the ordinary Nigerians. The study further analyses the country’s gravitation towards citizen-centred diplomacy in 2007.

“My research is about the COVID-19 measures and human rights guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution. Since I believe COVID-19 may challenge our understanding of human rights, I wished to publish with F1000Research so that I could share my research findings and the dialogue with peer-reviewers rapidly to the public. 

I believe in social sciences including political science, there are many benefits of having research and knowledge made accessible. Since many social issues including COVID-19, are changing rapidly, it is important to collaborate, share and discuss knowledge in real time, which was made possible when working with F1000Research.”

-Hajime Akiyama, Corresponding author, COVID-19 measures and human rights guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution

About F1000Research

F1000Research is a fully open access publishing platform, offering rapid publication of articles and other research outputs without editorial bias. All articles benefit from transparent post-publication peer review, and editorial guidance on making source data openly available.

F1000Research advocates for transparency and reproducibility in research, and our unique publishing model supports this at every stage. Articles can be published in as few as 14 days, with post-publication peer review creating an open dialogue between authors and their research community.

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