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Open and transparent psychiatry research is a critical tool for successfully navigating the complexities of the human brain. With it, mental health illnesses are diagnosed more accurately and become not only readily treatable but preventable.

Publishing with F1000Research enables researchers to play a central role in psychiatric advancement and discovery. All articles published are open access and fully adhere to the FAIR Data Principles, promoting discoverability and the broadest reuse of research data.

Additionally, our seamless and open post-publication peer review process enables authors to liaise with their expert peer reviewers and receive constructive feedback on their findings.

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Transdisciplinary Collaborations in Neuroscience, Arts and Related Therapeutics Collection

The collection seeks to disseminate papers on the translational capacities of technology to advance the understanding of theory, practice and research across disciplines that includes strengths, limitations and potentials for cross-cultural generalizability.
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Gambling and Gaming Addiction Collection

This Collection is dedicated to bringing together research that seeks to understand gambling, video gaming, and convergence between them. Specifically, we would like to highlight research on developments in treatment, prevention, and policy with gambling and video gaming.
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Addiction and Related Behaviors Gateway

The Addiction and Related Behaviors Gateway aims to provide researchers, policymakers and clinical practitioners with a space to disseminate work related to all areas of addiction and related behaviors. Submissions are accepted from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, public health, medicine, philosophy and neuroscience.
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Featured Articles

Stress and its association with involvement in online classes: a cross-sectional study among undergraduate students of a medical college in South India [version 1; peer review: 2 approved]

A cross-sectional study was conducted among 324 undergraduate students at a medical college in Mangalore, Karnataka, South India. The extent of stress was assessed using a perceived stress scale (PSS), and a questionnaire was used to identify different stressors and to understand the participant’s involvement in online classes.

Tourette syndrome research highlights from 2021 [version 1; peer review: 2 approved]

We summarize selected research reports from 2021 relevant to Tourette syndrome that the authors consider most important or interesting. The authors welcome article suggestions and thoughtful feedback from readers.

The challenges and mental health issues of academic trainees [version 1; peer review: 2 approved]

Literature surrounding student mental health continues to grow as universities try to implement wellness services and study the mental health of their students. This review attempts to summarize, contextualize and synthesize papers that pertain to the challenges faced by academic trainees at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level.

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