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Open research publishing, open to all disciplines

F1000Research is an open research publishing platform for scientists, scholars and clinicians offering rapid and open publication of articles and other research outputs without editorial bias.

The wide scope of F1000Research means all original research is welcome, with a range of article types available to authors to maximize reach and impact within subject communities. Our open peer-review model facilitates an open dialogue between authors and reviewers, publishing comments and feedback alongside the published article.

Altogether, this makes F1000Research the perfect home for your research.

Find the perfect home for your research

At F1000Research, there are a number of different publishing options to make the most of your research.

Our Gateways provide thematic content hubs which collect together publications related to a particular organization or research community. Submitting your article to a Gateway ensures additional visibility for your work and publication alongside other high quality contributions from your research community.

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Thanks to our rapid publication model, your research is quickly available to read, share and cite. Once published, all articles undergo our unique post-publication peer review process that encourages a collaborative and constructive approach to research.