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Just published your Research Article? Why stop there?

Visibility and openness of research is essential for academic development and discovery. This is especially true for Study Protocols because, when comprehensive in detail and published open access, they can reduce publication bias and improve the reproducibility of research; bringing benefits to both you and the academic community 

F1000Research welcomes protocols for any study design, including descriptive, observational and intervention studies.  Study pre-protocols (i.e. discussing provisional study designs) may also be submitted and will be clearly labelled as such in the title when published. 

Study Protocols can also be published during Stage 1 of a Registered Report, meaning that a significant part of the manuscript will be published and peer-reviewed before data collection.

All protocols for randomised clinical trials must be registered and follow the SPIRIT guidelines. Protocols for systematic reviews should be registered and must follow the PRISMA-P guidelines.

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That’s why we offer a wide range of non-traditional article types, allowing you to tell the full story of your research.

The Benefits 

Publishing a Study Protocol with F1000Research offers several benefits for you and the wider research community. 

For you

  • F1000Research’s rapid publication model allows for immediate impact

  • Receive feedback earlier in the research process, allowing you to identify problems in your methods or reporting early on, while they can still be fixed

  • Your published protocol will support subsequent publication of your study results as it can be easily referenced and demonstrates that the methodology has been thoroughly peer-reviewed

  • Minimize research waste with credit for each step of your research journey

  • May lead to new collaborations and opportunities

For the community

  • Can lead to new, unexpected discoveries

  • Provides research material for those with little or no funding

  • Encourages improvement and validation of research methods

  • Reduce publication bias

  • Improve research reproducibility

  • Reduces duplication, helping to coordinate research efforts

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