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Rapid, robust, and open research is at the forefront of patient care. When surgery research follows these principles, it allows for more precise knowledge, new discoveries and the possibilities for better treatments.

At F1000Research, we feel strongly about disseminating research in a discoverable, useable, and reproducible way. That's why F1000Research is the perfect home for all your surgery research outputs – from traditional Research Articles to more unique formats, such as Living Systematic Reviews, Data Notes, and Study Protocols.

All articles published are open access and fully adhere to the FAIR Data Principles, promoting discoverability and the broadest reuse of research data.

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The perfect home for all your surgery research outputs

As well as the traditional Research Article, F1000Research offers a range of alternative publishing formats, allowing you to gain credit for each step of your research journey.

Case Reports

Case Reports remain one of the cornerstones of medical progress and provide many new ideas in medicine. Case reports include detailed information on the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of an individual patient. However, it does not need to describe an especially novel or unusual case as there is benefit from collecting details of many standard cases.

Clinical Practice Articles

If you are looking to publish a series of Case Reports describing similar treatment of several patients, this can be done with a Clinical Practice Article. Clinical Practice Articles provide surgeons with the ability to rapidly, openly and transparently report unusual or novel cases to educate others in the field, or to build hypotheses for larger observational studies.

Systematic Reviews

Systematic Reviews play an important role in surgery research, synthesizing primary research studies to provide clinicians with the best foundation for evidence-based treatment of their patients.

Why publish with F1000Research

  • Immediate open access publication of research.
  • Transparent, post-publication peer review by invited experts so authors can liaise directly with them.
  • Gives authors greater control and boosts the credibility of their research. 
  • A range of article types including research and review articles, case studies, data notes, software tools and more.
  • Inclusion of all source materials and data to help further the open research movement.
  • Plus, one 2019 study suggests that open data can generate up to 25% more citations


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