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At F1000Research we believe that researchers should gain credit for all aspects of their work through open, rapid publication. That’s why, as well as Research Articles, we  offer a range of alternative publishing formats, including Systematic Reviews.

Systematic Reviews are fundamental to identify, assess, and summarize the findings of individual studies, thus making the available evidence more accessible to decision makers. They also offer a number of advantages:

  • They provide an exhaustive overview of the evidence available on a specific topic

  • They can help identify research gaps in a specific subject area

  • They can help improve future works in many research fields

F1000Research also welcomes Systematic Review Protocols describing the rationale, hypothesis, and planned methods of the review.

We encourage authors to register the protocol for their Systematic Review prospectively in the PROSPERO database and where applicable endorse the PRISMA Statement; Systematic Reviews and meta-analyses must adhere to these guidelines. 

Hate research waste?
So do we.

That’s why we offer a wide range of non-traditional article types, allowing you to tell the full story of your research.

The Benefits 

Publishing a Systematic Review with F1000Research offers several benefits for you and the wider research community. 

For you

  • F1000Research’s rapid publication model allows for immediate impact 

  • You can keep your Systematic Review article up to date by easily publishing new versions whenever you need to share the latest developments in your work. Versions are all individually citable and clearly linked, making it easy for readers to navigate and cite the version they want

  • Your published Systematic Review Protocol will support subsequent publication of your study results as it can be easily referenced and demonstrates that the methodology has been thoroughly peer-reviewed

  • Minimize research waste and gain credit for each step of your research journey

  • May lead to new collaborations and opportunities

          For the community

          • Can lead to new, unexpected discoveries

          • Provides research material for those with little or no funding

          • Encourages improvement and validation of research methods

          • Reduces duplication efforts

          • Improves research reproducibility

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