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HRB Open Research 

The Patient Voice

The public and the patient should be central contributors to research, as they are the ones who are directly impacted by it, and so should have a say and role in shaping health and social care.

This has long been recognised by the Health Research Board in Ireland, which is at the forefront of patient centered research, helping to lead the way for public and patient involvement in Ireland.

Ensuring that the patient voice is heard

'The Patient Voice' is our Patient Centred Research Hub for HRB Open Research, demonstrating to researchers how effective patient involvement in research can be, while also encouraging open dialogue and putting the patient experience front and centre.

We hope this campaign will bring together a wide range of content related to HRB itself, its publishing platform and beyond, to emphasise the importance of PPI and patient centred research. On here, we plan to showcase patient research success stories, share video Q&As, articles, blogs and more.

If you have any PPI related research you’d like to publish or any ideas for content we could feature on this landing page, please get in contact at info@hrbopenresearch.org.

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Patient and public led research

The PPI Collection - Demonstrating advances in PPI over time and celebrating creative and inclusive approaches. This collection, on HRB Open Research, provides further evidence of the value of PPI with submissions that support learning and understanding of the language and undertaking of involvement.
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The inclusion of public reviews

Public reviews now integrated into HRB funding decisions. Read this news piece to find out more about the HRB and their work on integrating the voice of public reviewers and PPI panel members, to strengthen the PPI input into HRB decision-making processes.
The voice of public reviews

Now more than ever

PPI in the pandemic - Discussing and highlighting how the public and patient voice should shape the pandemic response research, reinforcing the demand that PPI should be embedded in health and social care research, both during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19 response research

The right to be heard

Exploring the past, present and future of PPI. The action and steps being taken to create a supportive environment in which the public or patient voice can be heard to share their perspectives, and not be dominated by the 'expert voice'.

Unique learning opportunities

Case studies - to learn from others' experiences, we'll be sharing successful PPI projects, as well those that didn't go according to plan, to provide important lessons that could be useful for others to consider when planning their research.

A helping hand

Useful resources for public engagement 

Browse through these helpful links, providing advice and tools to help you create you own community based engagement research projects:


Useful resources for patient and public involvement 

Browse through these toolkits to guide and support you towards meaningful involvement of patients and public in research:


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