Researching Mental Health?

Maximize the potential of your mental health research with Wellcome Open Research


Rapid and transparent dissemination of research is fundamental in advancing knowledge, enabling scientific progress, and accelerating the pace of discovery in the field of mental health. Wellcome Open Research (WOR) is a trusted publishing venue for all your mental health research outputs, including traditional Research Articles, Software Tools, Study Protocols and Data Notes. WOR accepts articles covering all areas of mental health, including: 

  • Anxiety, Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Behavioral and Psychosomatic Medicine
  • Epidemiology and Population Science
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Health
  • Mental Health Data Science
  • Brain Aging and Mental Health
  • Molecular Imaging & Neuropathology
  • Neuroscience
  • Services, Policy and Law 

Instructions for authors

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About Wellcome Open Research 

Wellcome Open Research provides Wellcome-funded researchers with a place to rapidly publish any results they think are worth sharing. All articles benefit from rapid publication, transparent peer review and editorial guidance on making all source data openly available. 

Wellcome Open Research advocates for transparency and reproducibility in research, and our unique publishing model supports this at every stage. Articles can be published rapidly, with post-publication peer review creating an open dialogue between authors, expert reviewers and their research community. This generates feedback which can be used to improve the article and develop the author's skills. 


Why publish your mental health research with  Wellcome Open Research? 

Rapid publication 

Our rapid publication model offers an innovative alternative to traditional journals publishing, avoiding lengthy delays between submission and publication.   

Maximize the impact of your work by publishing open access 

Publishing your research openly and transparently means that anyone can read, cite, and use your work – including policymakers, practitioners, and fellow researchers. Alongside open publication of the article itself, Wellcome Open Research also advocates an innovative Open Data Policy so others can replicate your study, reproduce the original findings, or reuse the data to support their own work. 

Support transparency and reproducibility 

Transparency and reproducibility are at the heart of our publication model. WOR facilitates transparent sharing of research by publishing all articles openly, alongside access to any underlying data, software, code, and other resources – even the peer review reports.

Increase the visibility of your research 

Once your article has passed peer review, inclusion in Scopus, PubMed, Google Scholar and other major indexers will help it reach more readers. Your article is supported by machine-readable metadata to boost discoverability.

Publish a wide range of research outputs  on Wellcome Open Research

Reducing research waste is key. That is why we welcome traditional Research Articles describing confirmatory or negative results, and we publish null studies. Authors can publish articles in a diverse range of less traditional publishing formats, including: 

  • Study Protocols 
  • Software Tools 
  • Method Articles
  • Data Notes 
  • Registered Reports


A variety of article types

View our guidelines to learn more about all article types published on Wellcome Open Research.

"Wellcome Open Research enables Wellcome-funded researchers to publish all their research outputs quickly, openly and transparently and in ways which support reproducibility." 

Prof Sir Mike Ferguson CBE FRS FRSE FMed
Governor on the Board of The Wellcome Trust

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