Wellcome Open Research

A dedicated open research publishing platform for all fields of Wellcome-funded research

Benefits of Publishing with Wellcome Open Research

Research Transparency

All research is published freely and openly, including any data used within research, to ensure maximum transparency, reproducibility, and collaboration.

Post-Publication Peer Review

Peer review is conducted post-publication to ensure new research findings can be shared without delay.

No Publication Charges

As a Platform for recipients of Wellcome funding, there are no costs to authors for publishing on the Platform.

Open Peer Review

Peer review is conducted openly to ensure full transparency and enable others to build upon expert guidance.

All Research Outputs Welcomed

All research outputs can be published, from traditional Research Articles to Data Notes to Study Protocols. All results are welcomed, including negative or null results and reanalyses of previous studies with new results.

Resources for Researchers Hub

At F1000, we do things differently. Our publishing model puts openness center stage to accelerate the reach of knowledge.
On our Resources for Researchers hub, you’ll find all the information you need to take your manuscript from submission to publication, including:
• How our publishing model works
• The article types we publish
• Our data and ethics policies
• How to submit your paper
• Details on our pre-publication checks
• Our open peer review process
• Article revisions

Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance

The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance is a £160 million initiative jointly funded by the Wellcome Trust (UK) and the Department of Biotechnology (India). Launched on September 9, 2008, and registered as a charitable trust in India, the Alliance aims to enhance excellence in the Indian biomedical scientific community by supporting future leaders in the field.

This partnership promotes biomedical research in India through funding and engagement. The Gateway hosts articles from researchers funded by the Alliance, published on Wellcome Open Research.

The Publishing Process

Support with peer review and publishing

Our in-house team are here to ensure that all articles on Wellcome Open Research undergo the same rigorous process and that authors have all the support they need when publishing with the platform.

Want to know more about publishing with Wellcome Open Research? Read our FAQs to learn more about how the publishing process works, the scope of the platform, open access licences, article indexing, and more.

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